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Uncommon Ground

June 02, 2018
8:00 PM


Meet Uncommon Ground, a band that makes its musical home in the space in, around and between the great American roots styles of bluegrass, blues, jazz, and old-time music.

Regarded by peers, fans and critics alike as some of the Hudson Valley’s finest acoustic musicians, Uncommon Ground has been performing together for years now and it shows… they play together with a spirit and synergy that simply must be heard to be believed. With thoughtful arrangements that reimagine tunes in exciting ways, they truly define their own musical territory.

On Uncommon Ground’s musical landscape, virtually any type of music is fair game: from The Beatles to Bartok to Bill Monroe, with excursions into Latin, Jazz and Celtic and even Swedish music; this is a band that has something to offer every member of the listening audience. It’s all delivered in performances that are as warm and inviting as they are polished, never less than musically captivating, and always in a way that directly involves the audience in the thrill of musical discovery.

“Boundaries? What boundaries? Uncommon Ground ignores them all and creates a heavenly fusion of bluegrass influenced, genre defying music!” –Concerts at the Saints

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