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Tricky Britches

June 06, 2014
8:00 PM


String band Tricky Britches is the product of mountain music, rockabilly, and country swing all thrown together into one room, to create something uniquely uplifting. Fiddle and Mandolin tear through honky-tonk rhythms, while lonesome harmonies pull the audience in until a spontaneous dance explosion occurs.

Tricky Britches formed in 2009, when four friends in Portland, Maine, took their street-corner fiddle tunes and country songs on the road across the US. Since then they have recorded two albums of original material: Hard Fought Day and Good Company. They have played on stages big and small over the US, Hawaii, and Europe; but at the end of the day, their favorite show is still on a crowded street corner at midnight.

“In an age of auto-tune and manufactured music, Tricky Britches isn’t just a throwback – they’re a look forward. When we tire of the digital and the plastic, we can comfort ourselves in the warm embrace of three-part harmonies, fire-breathing fiddle and mandolin licks, and the thump-thump to the gut of a stand-up bass. Not only do they reintroduce us to the delicious crudeness of early twentieth century tunes like ‘Greasy Coat’, but even their originals sound old as dirt. As comfortable on a street corner or front porch as they are on stage and under the lights, Tricky Britches is right in the middle of a new movement toward old time music, along with Old Crow Medicine Show, the Avett Brothers, the Toughcats, and the Hackensaw Boys. Auto-tune? Maybe they’ll figure that out for the banjo some day…” –Sam Pifeifle, Portland Phoenix

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