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The Stillhouse Rounders

February 10, 2007
8:00 PM


The Stillhouse Rounders hail from our own Hudson River Valley, pounding out traditional old-time country, early bluegrass songs, and driving fiddle/banjo tunes in the style of the early acoustic rural string bands of the 1920’s and 1930’s.

Mostly rooted in the southern Appalachian Mountains, this is the music a listener would hear on the old versions of radio programs such as the Grand Ol’ Opry, the Wheeling Jamboree, and the Chicago Barn Dance. It is the sound of homegrown music before the days of popular commercial country western crooners, who sadly changed the sound of that music and those radio programs forever.

The band is Michael Fleck, Geoffrey Harden, Gil Sayre and Mark Schmidt.

“The Rounders play and sing this American roots music with unassuming but no less totals authority and damn near reckless fun… They’re not having a good time, they are have a great time, and trust me, it’s infectious.” –Mikhail Horwowitz, The Woodstock Times

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