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The Overtakers

May 02, 2009
8:00 PM


The Overtakers come from Negril, Jamaica. Their lead-singer and guitarist Ruben Brooks came of age amidst the storied Trenchtown scene that produced reggae legends Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff (Ruben recalls fondly how Bob Marley would help him find the proper key to sing a song).

Disillusioned by the highly competitive nature of the reggae record industry, Ruben made a choice early-on to devote himself to the traditional, acoustic form of Jamaican music known as “mento”. He formed the Overtakers with his wife Ruth (maracas, vocals) and longtime friend Leroy Willliams (rhumba box, vocals). The band has an astounding repertoire of songs that range from traditional to spiritual, with some beautiful original compositions. To hear their music is to experience a rare cultural treasure.

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