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The KC Three (for Tea) & More

September 20, 2014
8:00 PM


Featuring the legendary Marvin Bugalu Smith on drums; the eminent and venerable Christopher Dean Sullivan on contrabass; and Harvey Kaiser on saxophones, woodwinds, and vocals.

Admission includes a copy of their new CD, Here & There.

“Harvey’s playing starts with a great respect for Lester Young, but doesn’t imitate him. His sound on all his instruments is more vigorous than Lester’s. He is a strider, not a floater, a Pavarotti rather than a Sinatra. He is bold, clear, agile and resonant, and his sense of humor accompanies his sense of artistic design… Here he has chosen material that ranges from Armstrong to Monk, and in his imaginative renditions he always speaks in his own unique voice.” –Bill Crow
Harvey Kaiser

Marvin Bugalu-Smith

Christopher Dean Sullivan

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