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The Farewell Drifters

March 19, 2011
8:00 PM


With their shimmering harmonies, gently propulsive acoustic instrumentation, and disarmingly honest songwriting, the Farewell Drifters have arrived at an engaging, inventive musical hybrid all their own… pure, but not so simple; accessible and welcoming, yet highly personal. Since first setting out over four years ago, the young quintet have casually but clearly defied any preconceptions based on their lineup (two acoustic guitars, mandolin, fiddle, upright bass), delighting audiences from all walks with a sound that suspends classic elements in fresh new surroundings.

“Before the genre gavel comes down, the judge would be advised to listen to the bulk of their album, on which The Farewell Drifters seem to be a straight-up rock/pop outfit that just happens to pick acoustic axes and lack a drummer.” –Jim Allen, All Music Guide

“This young band has seemingly done the impossible; combined odd, old elements to make something new and intriguing that others hadn’t thought of.” –David Malachowski, Times Union

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