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The DMajor Project's album release party

October 08, 2016
8:00 PM


The DMajor Project is a four-member musical collaboration. Their mission is to deconstruct popular songs from any era, and by utilizing improvisation, rich textures, fearless instincts, and an unbridled affection for the music; they create entirely fresh new renditions.

It all began when renowned and extraordinarily gifted vocal stylist Debbie Major, and jazz producer-engineer-drummer Jon Bates ( http://ChiaroscuroJazz.org ) shared their vision for this new project with highly esteemed and in-demand pianist-composer-singer Akie Bermiss (Charlie Hunter, Screaming Headless Torsos, Aabaraki, Miri Ben-Ari, Soul Khan, and The Akie Bermiss Trio), and the unapologetically innovative and eclectic guitarist-composer-producer-engineer Ken McGloin.

All four enthusiastically agreed to go on this journey together, and while performing an 8-month residency at Harlem’s Ristorante Settepani in New York City, the quartet honed their skills in pursuit of this improvisational and boundless approach to the music, while also crafting definitive form and structure around each performance.

Shortly afterwards, in the summer of 2015, in a well hidden studio in upstate NY, The DMajor Project recorded Everyone’s Looking at You, and captured the eight live performances heard on their debut recording. They also brought their dogs along for this outing, as you will hear if you listen closely. The material draws from classic hits from the 1920s to present, as this groove-based sonic adventure defies genre restrictions, and is a music to be experienced by all.

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