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October 27, 2019
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Join us for the closing and life celebration for Susan C. Singer’s art show.

Creativity is infectious. Art and life surrounding Susan Singer was at all times creative and filled with wonder. Her departure and the loss to her friends and fellow artists has been heartbreaking. We are comforted that her art work will be enjoyed and collected by her fans and will be timeless.

Susan studied formally at Syracuse University and in art school in france but each of her days was spent observing and interpreting what she saw. The drawings, simple sketches, art stained glass, paintings, jewelry, clothing and her personal style filled her life and those of her friends and patrons with joy.

The café is delighted to show the diverse art of Susan C. Singer for the month of October 2019. Come to the café and enjoy her work and feel her sense of wonder toward her world. 


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** Please note: due to the limited seating and intimate setting at the Cafe, we cannot accept reservations or provide advanced ticket sales.