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Steve Forbert

October 29, 2010
8:00 PM


Three decades since breaking into pop consciousness with his second album Jackrabbit Slim and its infectious top ten single “Romeo’s Tune”, Steve Forbert remains a master of songs that offer clear-eyed insight, and plain-spoken, heartfelt eloquence. His romantic optimism has endeared him to two generations of folk/rock fans, and garnered him a 2006 induction into the Mississippi Musicians’ Hall of Fame.

His latest release, “The Place and The Time”, is the record Steve Forbert Fans have been waiting for. From the first sound of the clear and ringing acoustic guitar that introduces Black Bird Tune (a wistful ode to finding beauty in “a chimney top town), it’s evident that his listeners are in for something special.

“The Place and The Time” is a follow-up to his 2007 release “Strange Names & New Sensations,” and is full of the kind of down-to-earth songs… with heartfelt vocals and engaging melodies… that define his best work. It is an especially enchanting set of songs that celebrate and recapture the magic of the mid 70s sound that made his early hits so appealing.

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