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Cafe Gallery for August: Stacie Flint

August 01, 2017 - August 31, 2017
12:00 AM


Oils and Acrylics

From the artist: “I make art that sparks joy in the heart because it inspires life’s infinite potential. I create art that affirms and uplifts the spirit.”

“Painting is my instinctive response to the emotional discord, harmony, and fun of being alive. I am inspired by everyday figures, objects and landscapes from my life and imagination. I intuitively use vibrant colors, and my style is a lively animation of loose and freely applied oil or acrylic paint.”

“The paintings begin like a quiet meditation from which I spring into freedom. I invent a personal perspective with a core presence of angst energized and transformed by joy, light and love.”

“The mood ranges from laugh out loud funny to quiet contemplation.”

“From this place I wish to contribute to what is really good in life.”

Stacie Flint also uses her distinctive colorful style to create commissioned portraits of her clients and their family life. Flint’s paintings and portraits are collected nationally and internationally. She has exhibited throughout the Mid-Hudson Valley, New York City, and beyond. Her art has been featured on numerous magazine covers and appeared in various publications. She has created commissioned public art, illustrated a children’s book and music CD covers.

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