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SONiA and Disappear Fear

April 21, 2007
8:00 PM


Perhaps in a past life, SONiA was one of the original troubadours, a poet-musician roaming Europe in the 11th-13th centuries, singing songs of courtly love. She certainly is a contemporary troubadour, crooning folk songs about romantic love, often forbidden. This time around it’s different; she’s not talking about adultery, but rather equality. SONiA and her band Disappear Fear have always spoken out against oppression, choosing to “love out loud” with all of the accompanying pains and passions.

“There is an exuberance and passion shining from Sonia Rutstein (SONiA) that warms an audience with good nature and humanity. ‘The act’ is real. She is real. SONiA cares and wants us to care about the issues that bruise and abuse. Her music contains spirited protest updated for today’s ears with charm and a touch of glamour.” –Roger Deitz, Sing Out Magazine

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