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Final Singer-Songwriter Tuesday

July 24, 2018
8:00 PM


Thank You to John Hughes, Singer-Songwriter Tuesday Host

On behalf of the Rosendale Cafe, our great supportive community, and all the wonderful Singer-Songwriters and performers who shared the cafe stage, we say a huge thank you to our host John Hughes. For the last eight years, a long run, John has diligently booked the artists, arranged the stage, mixed the sound, and made every single musician, whether a nervous first timer or a seasoned pro, feel at home and confident performing in our room. Simply put, John made it happen! So many people have complimented his work: “This has to be the best open mic series in the valley.” John’s attention to detail, care, and concern for the artists and the audience is unparalleled in the music business. John’s expertise stems from the fact that he’s a first class musician and performer who plays with several high level bands, including, The Bed Time Kissers and Dog on Fleas. We wish John continued success, which is all but guaranteed, in his future musical endeavors. And we thank him for being an example of what a generous, kind-hearted person looks like. We should all strive for his level of musical humanity.

Our last Singer-Songwriter Tuesday will be on July 24. Please come out to celebrate our local musicians, this community event, and John. 

The scheduled musicians for this evening are Nick G, Daniel James, Minus Ted, Luci Aprilwine Windsong Rain, Lawrence and Niall, and the man, himself, John Hughes.

With love,
Susan and Mark, the Rosendale Cafe crew, and all the performers who basked in John’s light. 


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