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January Artist Sean Willet

January 01, 2019 - January 31, 2019
11:00 AM


I am primarily interested in building objective forms through fortuitous, subconscious creation. My work is highly process-driven and is tied into the relationship of different patterns and materials; impasto technique, iridescence and sometimes found-objects are incorporated. It is a marriage of illusion and the psychology of shape and color with oblique reference to natural material and form.

With my work, I try to use a modern aesthetic with a message of vitality and inter connectivity to speak of our global family, as well as my own fingerprint of individuality and the subjective experience. I also intend for my art to be meditative like mandalas. Most importantly to my oeuvre is an overall impression of goodness and self-power, positivity and enthusiasm. I feel this vernacular is regrettably absent from the popular art scene today.

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