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Sara Milonovich

August 07, 2010
8:00 PM


This night will see Sara Milonovich on vocals and fiddle; Andy Goessling on mandolin, dobro, banjo, and saxophones; Leo Traversa on bass; Steve Holloway percussion; and Greg Anderson on guitars.

From Loonymusik Records, 2009:
“On Daisycutter, her impressive solo debut, roots music veteran Sara Milonovich hits the ground running with the up-tempo, fiddle-fueled ‘Country Life,’ a powerhouse lament that takes on class, the plight of family farms, countryside gentrification, and the UK foot and mouth epidemic of 2001. Sound intense? It is, but as a bracing opener, it serves well, priming listeners for a deft mix of literate folk, plaintive Celtic-tinged balladry, and plenty of modern-day ass-kicking. Milonovich is a fiddler of much renown… with additional chops in the vocals and guitar department… and a life spent mostly on the road has yielded the skills to take on a wide range of material and a bevy of extremely talented friends. The high-profile pals adding to the bounty of Daisycutter include singer-songwriter Eliza Gilkyson, who executes a gorgeous solo on her own beautiful ache of a love song, ‘Last Dance.’”

“Even without the star turns, however, Milonovich emerges as both a gifted artist in her own right and an unpredictable song interpreter. The Monkees’ ‘Pleasant Valley Sunday’ becomes a zydeco raveup; KT Tunstall’s wry but sweet ‘Under the Weather’ is a deceptively simple ballad with tasty political overtones. The unexpected Peter Gabriel tune, ‘Here Comes the Flood’ offers a nice slab of electric guitar while evincing Milonovich’s penchant for the post-apocalyptic. But any lingering darkness is quickly dispersed by a rollicking take on ‘The Lake Arthur Stomp.’ These scene changes offer a chance to process the considerable depth of the material and most importantly, to dance.”

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