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Sacred Shakers with Eilen Jewell

August 01, 2008
8:00 PM


From Fall ’05 through Spring ’06 The Sacred Shakers hosted the Country Gospel Brunch at a few area clubs on Sunday afternoons. Jason Beek, Shakers’ drummer, assembled the group after hearing about a similar series from a friend in New Mexico. The idea was to find like-minded musicians who share a passion for a sort of niche gospel music and not the typical R&B gospel sound of today…gospel music that was performed by the likes of country legends Hank Willams Sr. and the Carter Family. Other influences included hill-country bluesman Mississippi Fred McDowell and the She-Wolf, Jessie Mae Hemphill as well as gospel greats like Rev. Charlie Jackson, Rev. Louis Overstreet, The Staple Singers and many more.

“If Eilen Jewell is in it I’d listen to her sing the roll call from the Moose Lodge.” –Cafe Guide

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