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Rosendale Street Festival fundraiser with Dylan Doyle

June 14, 2014
8:00 PM

$10.00 Donation

Come support the upcoming Rosendale Street Festival, and hear Dylan Doyle give a preview of his performance on the Festival’s Cafe Stage (Saturday July 19th at 7:00pm).

Note: this event was originally and incorrectly listed for the following day.

Teenager Dylan Doyle was born in the South to Yankee parents and has been steeped in everything from Robert Johnson, Howlin’ Wolf and Townes Van Zandt to Hendrix, Dylan, and the Band. From this comes his unique musical interpretation that lies somewhere within the delta of Rock, Blues, and Funk.

There will also be great raffle items!

“If you sit back, close your eyes and listen closely as Dylan Doyle plays guitar, you would swear you were in the presence of a seasoned bluesman… one with a long history of playing juke joints and assorted dives where dues are paid… and not to a 14 year-old who just entered Wallkill High School. Doyle’s future as a musician looks promising, but make no mistake about it; this young man’s musical vocabulary already has a breadth that is as wide as the Mississippi Delta and is solidly anchored in the rich heritage of the blues. For some, the elements needed to become an exceptional musician come early in life… great hand/eye/brain coordination as well as an acute understanding of phrasing, melody, pitch and rhythm. Doyle has all of these in a combination that is astonishing to see in such a young man.” –Mark Reynolds, Southern Ulster Times, Oct 2012
Dylan Doyle

Rosendale Street Festival

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