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Rising Up Rising Down record release event

May 24, 2007
10:00 PM


With special guests Dead Unicorn

A first for the Rosendale Cafe, Rising Up Rising Down is a punk band with an eclectic list of influences ranging from Led Zepplin and King Crimson, to Napalm Death, Nasum and Dropdead. With song lengths topping off at around two minutes thirty seconds tops there will be no time to blink. Rising Up Rising Down will also have their new 12″ vinyl record “Monster Crusher” which is being released by Maple Leaf Underground records (The first release by Maple leaf Underground, based in Rosendale). Kingston-based Dead Unicorn will be opening the show with an amazing soundtrack to the apocalypse. Truly music for end times.

A very uncommon show for the Cafe but nonetheless, both bands have something to say, so hear them out in all their earsplitting glory.

$8 admission, or $18 for admission with a copy of the “Monster Crusher” 12″ vinyl LP
Rising Up Rising Down

Dead Unicorn

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