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Rhythm Matters: Joe Giardullo Late 20th Century Quartet

August 26, 2017
8:00 PM


It’s been awhile since saxophonist Joe Giardullo has been at The Cafe, and he makes his return with a quartet of masters and some stunning new music. The theme is “Rhythm” and the music comes from everywhere: Steve Coleman, Wayne Shorter, Monk, Mingus, Joni Mitchell, Don Cherry and beyond. The pulse is alive and deep.

The Late 20th Century Quartet:

Guitarist Billy Stein makes his first appearance at The Cafe. Billy is a NYC veteran with a beautiful sound like his heroes, Attila Zoller and Wes Montgomery.

Bassist Mike Bisio and drummer Tani Tabbal were members of one of Joe’s earlier quartets, and appear on hundreds of recordings, from every corner of the globe. Their credits include so many, this is just a sample: Cassandra Wilson, Steve Coleman, James Carter, Geri Allen, Sun Ra, Vinny Golia, Joe McPhee, Matt Shipp, David Murray, and Roscoe Mitchell.

Joe Giardullo has a lifetime of playing music worldwide, and is happy to be playing near home this night with this band.

About Joe Giardullo and his music:

“Luminous” –Tomajazz, Spain

“Has the power to elicit sheer joy” –AAJ New York

“The interplay is perfect” –AAJ Italy

“Resplendent in its sheer beauty” –Touching Extremes, Rome
Joe Giardullo

Billy Stein

Mike Bisio

Tani Tabbal

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