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Prima Materia Vol. 4 Reading

February 16, 2006
8:00 PM


Prima Materia is a top-notch literary journal published annually by Bliss Plot Press. It is dedicated exclusively to showcasing the many fine authors, known and unknown, who live in our midst here in the Hudson Valley. This exciting spoken-word event will feature writers reading their own work selected from the new issue, Prima Materia Volume 4, “Speeding Through the Night,” a 182-page book of powerful fiction, poetry, and memoirs.

“…an anthology of Hudson Valley writers whose individual works shine within a book that collectively creates a unified experiment… “ — Dennis Doherty, About Town, Ulster Edition.

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“It’s about all the journeying involved in our day-to-day lives; about what can happen when one takes the time to stop and listen, and really write down what’s happening…” — Paul Smart, Almanac Weekly.

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