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Playing in Traffic

August 02, 2014
8:00 PM


Bring together the productive imagination of ever-inventing jazz legend bassist Steve Swallow, international powerhouse reedman/composer Ohad Talmor, and maverick master drummer Adam Nussbaum, and the result is musical alchemy. They combine slyly swinging jazz references with all kinds of eclectic inflections. Swallow and Talmor are both noted composers, whose approach to improvisation mirrors their unique writing skills, while Nussbaum grounds the trio with swinging authority and brings fire at the same time. The exciting multi-generational collaborative trio features a fresh repertoire highlighted in their newly released CD Singular Curves, their second opus for the Italian label AUAND Records.

“Bass guitarist Steve Swallow, drummer Adam Nussbaum and saxophonist Ohad Talmor combine slyly swinging jazz references with all kinds of eclectic inflections – notably through the tonal eloquence and sophistication of Talmor, who was born in Israel, raised in Switzerland and lives in Brooklyn. He studies the Indian bamboo flute, runs a nine-piece devoted to the music of Bruckner and often works with Lee Konitz. On the title track, Talmor’s Joe Lovano-like staccato phrasing turns into Konitz/Warne Marsh-like long-line figures, but some pieces are such slow, smoky swingers they almost stop, while others are curling note-texture examinations cushioned by Swallow’s purr. On ‘Days of Old’, Talmor’s tenor sounds as diaphanous as an alto, and there are haunted-house tiptoeings and a funky finale in which the saxophonist sounds as muscular as Michael Brecker.” –John Fordham, guardian.co.uk, about the trio’s ‘Playing in Traffic’ CD

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