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Peter Tongue Photographs

February 01, 2020 - February 29, 2020
11:00 AM


For the past thirty years I’ve often found myself re-calibrating my sense of being along Spring Town Road.That extraordinary piece of land between the Walkill River and the rise of the Gunks. Full of wild life and farm animals, rapidly transitioning from rural dairy to human domiciles. Perhaps the Wallkill’s severe spring flooding has saved it from the most onerous repurposing. Please consider these photographs as way points in my relationship with a unique land and the beautiful creatures who make their home there.

Among the many to thank are the foxes for their humor and tolerance,the spiders for their mystery, diligence and accuracy and the many birds for their power to display and distract.and always the horses for their forbearance.

With special thanks to Messrs. Dylan Thomas and Robert Burns for their beautiful narrations that run through my head.

And to you, friend, for your time and consideration.

– Peter Tongue

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