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Opening reception for Tom Legnon painting exhibit

March 09, 2014
4:00 PM


An opening reception from 4:00pm-6:00pm, for Tom Legnon’ encaustic paintings hanging in the Cafe during the month of March.

These are wax based artifacts, time stamps of future past… “Transcendental Abstract Cellular Encaustic Paintings” that reflect the space between dream and reality. Intuited, shaped by heat, brush, blade and air. These are tales of elements unchecked. Uniting and dispersing on macro and micro levels. This is where architecture meets organic nature.

Thomas Legnon has been practicing the ancient art of the arts for over 20 years. Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Design, Film, Performance, Installations. He has also worked with contemporary art greats Doug & Mike Starn, Jeff Koons, Al Held and has co-produced shows for Joni Mitchell, HR Giger and Alex Grey.

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