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Opening Exhibit of Rosendale Natural Resource Maps - "Taking Stock"

July 03, 2010
2:00 PM


Come see what Rosendale is really made of…

Join us from 2:00pm to 4:00pm for the opening of “Taking Stock”, an exhibit of 20 colorful maps of what lies below and on the land surface of the town, prepared by the Rosendale Environmental Commission. The show will be hanging at the Cafe for the whole month of July.

The maps in this exhibit have been created for the town’s Natural Resource Inventory, a collection of data to help town officials, developers, and property owners make informed and environmentally sound land-use decisions. Collectively, these maps also give us an understanding of what Rosendale is literally made-of, so that we may better appreciate the natural richness of the town, and the ways in which the resource base has informed its history and development. The maps cover the town’s geology, soils, surface and groundwater, habitats, historical, cultural, and recreational sites, agricultural lands, and other resources and land uses. This is a traveling exhibit meant to broaden the public’s opportunity to see and comment on the maps, which will be presented to the Rosendale Town Board in September.

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