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Miss Ida Blue

April 11, 2015
8:00 PM


Miss Ida Blue is a female-led brassy blues group, with its core emanating from the rich and roaring voice of Brooklyn-born Ida herself. With support from members of “Woody Allen’s jazz band” and HBO’s grammy winning Boardwalk Empire Orchestra, you’ll hear blues as a thunderous stomp that permeates your ears with satiating, sweet coos, and a sassy temperament that makes you stand up and applause.

Born and bred deep in Mill Basin, Brooklyn… long, lanky, with gold nameplates and brass knuckles, she continually proves that a swagger is, sometimes, a fair amount of what you need. As a means of shaking the dew off a quivering leaf, Ida can make a sweet song sassy, a bitter song holy, and a love song raunchy. Her performances are in a class all of their own, like some sort of flawless Galapagos creation. The music is a blues, ragtime, jazz, soul and gospel lovechild from a mixed marriage, so to speak; but she is a timeless diva, working as a conduit to give that same quality to the music she sings.

Miss Ida Blue brings the noise. Her voice cracks like a whip, beats like a drum, and her personality cuts through the room like a hot blade does butter.

The band this evening will be Ida on vocals, Mike Davis on trumpet, Evan Arntzen on reeds, John Gill on guitar, Joe Hanchrow on tuba, and Kevin Dorn on drums.

“the bluez is my bizness” –Miss Ida Blue

“For too many years, younger jazz singers all but ignored the blues. But the attention now being paid to the form by outstanding young artists such as Miss Ida Blue is proof that things are getting better. This vivacious young Brooklynite studies the classic blues the way the better cabaret singers of her generation study Sondheim, and invests 80- and 90-year-old texts with the force and spirit of her own considerable charisma. She specializes in the great songs of the Smith girls, not just the legendary Bessie, but also the highly worthy Mamie, Clara and Trixie.”
–will friedwald, wall street journal

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