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Mikhail Horowitz & Gilles Malkine present "Spiels on Fire"

December 22, 2012
8:00 PM


The profoundly shallow, biologically incorrect, and metaphysically unfit comic duo of Mikhail Horowitz & Gilles Malkine will once again lower property values at the Rosendale Cafe. The pair, who have set great literary works to blues, bluegrass, Mongolian tongue drumming, and hip hop; and who have ruffled the scales of political regressives and religious poltroons of every persuasion with their socially savvy songs and screeds; will be accompanied by bassist Charlie Kniceley.

Horowitz & Malkine have shared bills and/or collaborated with Peter Schickele, Ed Sanders, Robert Bly, Jim Hightower, David Amram, Kinky Friedman, Happy & Artie Traum, and Jay Ungar & Molly Mason. They are personally responsible for the defunding of (at the latest count) 53 arts organizations, the closing and condemning of a dozen clubs, and the suicide of the music critic for Modern Maturity magazine.

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