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Mikhail Horowitz and Gilles Malkine present "Virtuoso Ineptitude"

April 19, 2014
8:00 PM


Due to the clamor of the rabble and the decision of a hung jury, Mikhail Horowitz and Gilles Malkine will return to Rosendale Cafe for another round of lyrically anorexic, metaphysically unfit, and intellectually suspect songs and skits. They’ll be joined by the same crew that lowered the Cafe’s property values last December… Charlie Kniceley on bass and Evan Shultis on fiddle.

Come a few days before the show to claim your table, because the Cafe does not take reservations. For more information, contact the duo’s attorney, manager, and booking agent, all three of whom are currently honor students at Eastern Correctional Facility.

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