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Mikhail Horowitz and Gilles Malkine

March 24, 2018
8:00 PM


The mything-in-action, stand-up tragedy team of Mikhail Horowitz and Gilles Malkine will perform at the Rosendale Cafe, on Main Street in… Rosendale. Fresh from their tour of early Neolithic clubs and bistros in the western reaches of Ireland, and the Best Westerns of the Yukon, the incorrigibly arcane duo will offer their usual perpetrations of questionable humor, flat-tire satire, and almost-music.

“Two guys too smart to be considered as funny as they really are, and too funny to be considered as seriously as they should be.”” –Bart Plantenga, DJ for 99.3 FM’s Wreck This Mess in Amsterdam, NL

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