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Mik & Gilles

December 07, 2013
8:00 PM


The acoustic stand-up tragedy team of Mikhail Horowitz and Gilles Malkine, excoriated throughout the Catskills, returns to the Rosendale Cafe for another evening of literary and musical malfeasance. Over the years, they’ve discombobulated Dante, bowdlerized Beckett, despoiled Dickinson, and melted Frost, in addition to staining the escutcheon of American folk music. Mik and Gilles will be joined by bassist Charlie Kniceley, who deserves a far better fate. The Cafe does not take reservations, but we already have many reservations concerning this performance.

“Horowitz does with the English language what Jim Carrey does with his face. His stuff is not only funny, it’s bracingly pungent, surprising, ear-opening, and is guaranteed to cleanse your mind of cobwebs. Just when you’re thinking about how you can’t remember when you laughed so much at a poetry reading, he throws you a curve, and you find yourself moved. His rap versions of the classics, his language games, and the irresponsible relationship between him and his guitar-totin’ accomplice, Gilles Malkine, are a full-fledged delight to experience.” –Peter Schickele (P.D.Q. Bach)

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