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Melvern Taylor and His Fabulous Meltones

November 13, 2010
8:00 PM


Melvern Taylor writes happy songs about miserable people. His instrument of choice is the ukulele. They go together like milk and cookies. He learned to play guitar with an Eagles song book. He started writing songs in the 7th grade. Mostly they were about dead cats or snooty Andover girls. So far Melvern has released 4 records, Handsome Bastard, The Spider and the Barfly, Fabuloso and the latest release Love Songs For Losers. They are all really good. You should buy one or all of them.

Melvern and his band play shows quite a bit. If you happen to notice that they are playing near you, you should go check it out. Melvern has played in some other bands over the years, but you probably never heard of them so we don’t have to talk about that. Slaid Cleaves covered Melvern’s song “Working Stiff” on his last record. In 2007 Melvern signed a Publishing Deal with a company called Primary Wave. They are a top notch bunch of cats. Together they make millions of dollars! Did we mention that Melvern lives in Lowell, MA? He also used to date your Mom. He broke it off because she was just too grabby.

“Melvern Taylor is a cat, a hipster, the guy on the second floor with the ukulele, keen as a needle, desert dry, and observant & opportunistic like a buzzard. He does not disappoint.”
–Cafe Guide

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