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Mary Gauthier and Diana Jones

June 06, 2008
8:00 PM


Mary Gauthier and Diana Jones are extraordinary artists. This is a special Cafe appearance, an opportunity to see and hear them close up.

Mary Gauthier is one of the most challenging artists to rise up from the underground in a long, long time, writing songs that tell hard truths with a desolate eloquence. Gauthier’s path has wound through devastation and despair. She has beaten back demons, learned from the streets, sunk to the bottom of life, turned 18 behind bars, emerged from darkness, and to completely confuse things won notice as a respected restaurateur… all before writing her first song.

Diana Jones’ music is informed by the themes that have run through her life… love, loss, and redemption… bringing to mind both Emily Dickinson and Loretta Lynn in the same breath. From the mournful lament of a dance hall girl, to the stomping melodic rant of a young woman’s burial instructions, each of Diana’s original songs from her latest CD, My Remembrance of You, draws life from the rich cross currents of old timey, country blues and mountain music.

“Sometimes a songwriter splits open your chest and does something memorable to your heart; that’s what Mary Gauthier is, and there’s more.” –Cafe Guide

“Diana Jones writes songs which she sings in such a haunting high lonesome that one can’t help but wonder if she isn’t the lost daughter of the Carter Family.” –Ann Patchett, New York Times

“For once, the buzz is right: Diana Jones is a complete knockout. She’ll break your heart and you’ll be glad she did.” –Philadelphia City Paper
Mary Gauthier

Diana Jones

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