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Joy Kills Sorrow

March 20, 2010
8:00 PM


With its bold new brand of acoustic music, Joy Kills Sorrow pushes right through the envelope and out the other side. The Boston-based string band brings a decidedly modern sensibility to an old-world sound, channeling the prodigious talents of its individual members into elegant arrangements and well-crafted songs. While the group pays due homage to its Bluegrass roots… its name refers to one of the first radio stations to broadcast the music of Bill Monroe… the band truly excels in its rich and textured treatment of more contemporary material. Boasting a full arsenal of original songs, Joy Kills Sorrow plumbs the entire spectrum of its spare instrumentation, effortlessly merging influences as diverse as folk, rock, pop, and jazz. The songs that emerge are dark and often funny, ruminating on modern life and love with eloquence and wit. The result is a radical new strain of folk music, one that bravely breaks with tradition even as it salutes the past.

“They live on a plane of melody, harmony and musicianship par excellence to which many aspire and few attain… Not many bands can do what these guys do. They are bluegrass and country and folk and a whole lot of other styles melted and poured into a huge bowl of good, producing downright exceptional music… This is another example of music being more than alive and well, but thriving. ‘Thinking Of You’ and ‘Such and You Will Change Me’ [are] songs for the ages.” –Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange

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