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John Doyle

May 01, 2010
8:00 PM


John Doyle’s gifts as a guitarist, songwriter, vocalist, and producer have played an essential role in the ongoing renaissance of Irish traditional music.

As a member of Irish-American supergroup Solas – and a highly sought-after session player – Doyle pioneered a rhythmic, sophisticated approach to Irish guitar accompaniment, setting a new standard for the instrument. When the original members of Solas parted ways, Doyle embarked on a solo career, producing albums for other artists and touring as a sideman as well as recording his own material.

Doyle worked with such artists as Liz Carroll, Heidi Talbot, Frank McCourt, Linda Thompson, Kate Rusby, Mick Moloney, Brian Conway, Joannie Madden, James Keane, Karan Casey, and Cathie Ryan. He continues to innovate, finding the seeds of his contemporary approach within the tradition itself.

Preserving the tasteful simplicity of tradition, Doyle nonetheless adds a contemporary edge, finding fresh life in even the most well-worn of tunes. His playing encompasses hard-driving strumming, inventive chord voicings, precise single-note runs, and powerful rhythmic effects borrowed from traditional instruments such as the bodhran and fiddle.

“Whether playing in a band (like Solas), as an accompanist (as with Liz Carroll), or as a solo performer, he has a magical touch, always providing exactly what is needed: the right progression, a nimble melody, a delicate harmony line – a dream guitarist.”

“John Doyle goes from strength to strength each time I come across him. Wayward Son must surely be a contender for Album of the Year.” – Irish Edition

“This album establishes Doyle as a brilliant singer of Irish folk.” – Irish Music News

” In his hands even the most often-recorded traditional tunes sound fresh and new.” – Vintage Guitar

“a master finger-picker and confident ballad singer” – Acoustic Guitar

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