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Jim White

October 20, 2012
8:00 PM


Singer songwriter Jim White has a habit of snatching meaning from thin air. His critically acclaimed debut album, The Mysterious Tale of How I Shouted Wrong-Eyed Jesus, tapped into the zeitgeist of what would soon blossom into the lo-fi Americana movement. “Back then (1997) there was maybe twenty of us doing it – Wilco and 16 Horsepower, of course Lucinda and Steve Earle and The Jayhawks. Now, hell, there’s a million lonesome geniuses out there, each one singing their heart out sadder than the next.” Jim’s latest album Where It Hits You is his chance to sing his heart out… and sing he does… no small feat, considering the heart that’s singing was badly broken during the making of the record.

“Midway through it my wife left me. Just walked out the door… into the arms of younger man. We have kids, you know? Lord, what a mess. I was… well, what’s a word lower than devastated? I was sub-devastated. Many of the songs on this record I wrote for her. So what do you do? I had to finish it, but singing those songs, hearing those words over and over, it was quite a trial.”

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