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Jesse Lege and Bayou Brew

December 04, 2010
8:00 PM


This collaboration of two of the greatest names in contemporary Cajun music will get you on your feet.

Jesse Lege has seen and done it all in his nearly 40 years of playing, singing, and living Cajun music: Vocalist of the Year, Band of the Year, Song of the Year (“Memoires Dans Mon Coeur”). In 1998 Jesse was inducted into the Cajun Music Hall of Fame.

Joel Sayoy, of the famous Marc and Ann Savoy Family Band, has made a name in his own right, and has won the coveted 2007 “Fiddler of the Year” award from the Cajun French Music Association.

Also on board will be Erica Weiss on guitar, and Evelyn Schneider on bass.

Bayou Brew, with the two superstars, will be a lovely preface for the Holidays at The Rosendale Cafe.

“Jesse sings in the traditional high pitched, emotional style reminiscent of the late Iry LeJeune… and plays the accordion with equal power and conviction…” –Arhoolie Records

“Lege’s soaring voice resonates with… piercing, yet beautiful heartache… [he] possesses one of the truly great voices in contemporary Cajun music. Listeners who do not experience frissons hearing him sing… had better check their pulse.” –LSUE Office of Public Relations

“His penetrating style and emotion-laden lyrics can make veteran festival producers such as this one weep backstage.” –Barry Ancelet, MC of the Liberty Theatre shows, producer of Festivals Acadiens, and Professor of French at USL.

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