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Jesse Lége and Bayou Brew

February 21, 2020
8:00 PM


Jesse Lége is a people’s musician. With eight siblings, he grew up in a one-room house in southwest Louisiana amid poverty, love, and, eventually, a radio. For decades, he performed weekly at dance halls, sometimes for burgers and beer, skipping breaks so as not to lose the dance crowd.

Jesse sings mostly in Cajun French, and while his accent makes conversation challenging, his warmth and humor transcend translation. He may be one of the few musicians you’ll meet who never plays with a set list, frequently springing a new, old tune on his band onstage. Authenticity is his middle name.

A most honorable reward is hearing that his voice can bring men & women as well..to goose bumps & tears. His stage stamina and presence are legendary, and his internal archive of Cajun tunes is encyclopedic. Famous for his hard-driving accordion style, this powerful, plaintive tenor transcends dance hall perimeters, beyond the Bayou, into one’s bones and the timeless, universal place of collective memory.

As ordinary as table salt and as exotic as a fine étouffée, Jesse Lége immortalizes life, love, loss, and the rhythm of existence, Cajun style, for enthusiastic audiences from Louisiana, Texas, China, France, Northern Europe, California, Chicago, New York, DC, Philly, to right here in the Northeast.

From the Cajun Hall of Fame to Everyman’s campground jam, this accordion vocalist will make you move. Backing him are Bayou Brew, with roots that span from Louisiana to Iceland, homes that range from Maine to Texas… All from different genres of music… Here you have it, Bayou Brew…

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