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Irka Mateo Trio

February 18, 2017
8:00 PM


Dominican singer-songwriter Irka Mateo is reinventing Dominican Music. Fusing melody and rhythms from the Dominican countryside – itself a fusion of Afro, indigenous, and European influences – Mateo’s embrace reaches deep into the traditions of her country, the Caribbean, and wider Latin America; especially accordion driven dance melodies.

Irka traveled for ten years in the rural areas of the Dominican Republic, documenting over thirteen genres of folk traditions – previously unknown to the wider Dominican culture and beyond. The Grammy Foundation in turn supported her extensive field research. As a critical influencer, Irka seeks to inspire a new generation embracing the Dominican identity. Her previous CD, Anacaona, was played widely worldwide, reaching the top ten position in Canadian and Spanish charts. On January 2017 she will release her second solo album with her six piece band Irka Mateo y La Tirindanga.

At the Rosendale Cafe, Irka will sing her original songs and Dominican folk music, accompanied by Plinio de la Cruz on Guitar, Edwin Camilo on bass, and Joel Guzman on percussion. The charismatic artist will bring her music to Rosendale to deliver a memorable night of high-energy and joyous performance.

“Irka’s music… rooted in the past… reveals our essence and lights the road to our future” –Avelino Stanley, former Vice Minister of Culture, Dominican Republic, El Caribe 2015

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