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Honoring the Sea Goddess - Daughters of Cybele

September 22, 2012
8:00 PM


Internationally renowned Italian percussionist Alessandra Belloni (a Remo artist) presents: Daughters of Cybele, Women Drummers for World Peace featuring Southern Italian ritual drumming and chants in honor of the Black Madonna and the women healing trance dance Pizzica Tarantata. Featuring Fre Atlast and Eve Sicular, and other guests.

In celebration of over 30 years of the Italian Music and Dance Company I Giullari di Piazza (the Players of the Square), Alessandra Belloni has assembled this unique ensemble of women using voice, percussion and ritual dance to honor the healing power of female energy. Countries around the world, including Southern Italy, Brazil, Africa and the Middle East have musical traditions based on the power of women. Belloni and company emulate one of the most ancient ways of praying and healing, including sacred chanting to the Black Madonna sung by female voices in harmony, accompanied by various percussion instruments (frame drums, tambourines, shakers, djembes, ballaphones, dumbecks, riqqs, mazhars, and marimbas).

With Daughters of Cybele, Alessandra Belloni carries on the tradition of Roman priestesses who played the tambourine in worship of Dionysus, god of ecstasy and wine, and the Earth goddess Cybele.

Belloni states, “Now, more than ever, it is important to bring attention to the healing effect of drumming and dance on women who have been abused. Women in Italy now are going through a very difficult time with rape and abuse becoming more popular and almost accepted by society.” With this concert about the cycles of womens’ lives, she wishes to bring awareness on this current situation, and to send healing to the women who have been victims in Italy and around the world.

“It was as if the crowd had been transported to a secret clearing somewhere in the Piemonte to witness some wonderfully obscure, mystical ritual. Alternating between high, eerie incantations and earthy folk melodies, and playing a small museum’s worth of percussion instruments, they wove a sonic web.” –Lucid Culture Blog

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