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Holy Crow Jazz Band

March 26, 2016
8:00 PM


Based out of New York City, Holy Crow Jazz Band performs traditional American jazz music from the 1920s, throughout the 1930s. The band’s repertoire includes many instrumental pieces that were written or made popular by great musicians of the past, such as King Oliver, Kid Ory, Bix Beiderbecke, and Red Nichols… just to name a few.

Seemingly coarse in delivery, lead vocals by Jessy Carolina (recently featured in the internationally acclaimed video game BioShock Infinite) sound as if they’re coming out of an old Victrola on a worn 78 record. She also plays a mean washboard!

The band’s stompy and lively sound can be attributed to its heavy horns and solid rhythm section, led by Carolina’s husband, Mario J. Maggio on clarinet and tenor saxophone. On trumpet, and occasionally singer of a song or two, is Tin Pan’s vivacious and entertaining Jesse Selengut. Tim Vaughn rips on trombone, and proudly known as “TubaJoe”, Joe Exley booms on tuba. Holding the party together are Adam Brisbin, whose rhythm on resonator guitar is sharp, edgy, and awesomely weird; with Curt Garey reigning it on drums.

Holy Crow Jazz Band transports audience members back through the times of feel-good Prohibition-era speakeasies, where people were untroubled by consequence and hardships of the Depression era, when music seemed to be the only cure for sorrow and loss.

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