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November 19, 2011
8:00 PM


GreelySavoyDuo’s David Greely and Joel Savoy are two world-class Cajun fiddlers who neither bend nor blend their genre. They play rare traditional and original Cajun fiddle music with all its texture, fire and emotion intact and in tune. David learned Cajun music from Dewey Balfa, 23 years in rural Cajun dance halls with Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys, and the Archive of Cajun and Creole Music in Lafayette LA. Joel grew up in Marc and Ann Savoy’s house in Eunice LA, and taught himself how to play by imitating and embellishing what he heard around him every day. Just barely thirty, he spent his youth around many old masters of Cajun music who were friends of his family.

They form that most primeval of Cajun band lineups, two fiddles, and visit rarely explored territory: the kitchen music of house parties and evenings at home in South Louisiana, spontaneously woven into bright hues, deep blues and true harmony. It’s a lively conversation, full of musical wisecracks, backslaps and the wisdom of tradition, distilled over generations down to the quality stuff, and the new tunes that spin off from there.

David Greely

Joel Savoy

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