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Geoff Achison and Peter Karp

February 23, 2008
8:00 PM


US-based Australian musician Geoff Achison has a reputation as a guitarist’s guitarist. Equally adept at acoustic or electric styles, either choice can be beautifully intricate or feature high energy explosiveness. He has developed his own sound, without the aid of pedals or gadgets, and fans even say that you can recognize an Achison riff when you hear it. As a vocalist, Geoff possesses a rich, soulful voice that evokes favorable comparisons to Joe Cocker, Warren Haynes or Paul Weller. Add to this his award winning songwriting skills and you have the whole package.

Peter Karp is singer-songwriter, guitarist, and keyboard player. He resides in Nashville and New Jersey and anyplace in between, thanks to his trusty RV. Once, while playing ball with his traveling companion, Delilah Dog, an ash-heavy cigarette dangling from his lip and a beat-up guitar propped against the idling RV, a passerby asked, “Sir, are you a vagabond?” to which Karp replied, “Well, I’m a songwriter and musician, so I guess the answer is ‘yes.’”

Quotes about Geoff Achison:

“Geoff is one of the finest blues guitarists I know with a completely individual style.” –Jorma Kaukonen, Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna

“Catchy, intelligent songwriting.” –Downbeat Magazine, USA (Little Big Men CD review)

“At last, the album fans have been wanting for.” –Lee Howard, Sunday Herald Sun (Little Big Men CD review)

“… a beautifully integrated production with every musician sharing the honours and playing a vital role.” –Peter Dougherty, Artstreams (Little Big Men CD review)

“The great sound quality and Achison’s inspiring music make this an extremely enjoyable DVD.” –Chris Gersbach, Australian Guitar (Souldiggin’ DVD review)

Quotes about Peter Karp:

“Singer-songwriter and guitarist Peter Karp is a breath of fresh air in the world of folk and blues…” –Oh Boy Records (John Prine’s label)

“… An underground genius… like Jackson Browne and John Prine, with a healthy dose of blues too… Karp’s a soulful storyteller; the man can write…” –Blues Revue Magazine
Geoff Achison

Peter Karp

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