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Garnet Rogers

April 04, 2009
8:00 PM


Garnet Rogers is a Canadian folk musician, singer, songwriter and composer. Garnet’s style utilizes influences from blues, rock, country/bluegrass, and classical. He began his professional career working with his late brother, folk musician Stan Rogers, and arranging Stan’s music.

Rogers’ instruments include the guitar, mandolin, violin, and flute. In live performances, he usually sits beside a guitar rack that includes three vintage Gibson acoustic guitars, a National guitar, a Fender electric guitar and even an electric, twelve-string mandolin-like guitar.

Rogers has “…set the quality bar very high with his first release and has equaled it or raised with each successive album.” –Penguin Eggs

“When they make comparisons like, ‘reminiscent of… makes you think of… belongs in same category with…’ this is the guy they’re comparing to, Garnet Rogers, the standard.” –Cafe Guide

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