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Fundraiser for New Paltz Pride with Bethel Steele and Dave Brown

March 04, 2007
6:30 PM

$15-General, $10-HVLGBTQ members, $5-Students

Planning and fundraising for the 2007 New Paltz Pride is underway. The Cafe will be featuring Bethel Steele and Dave Brown.

Bethel Steele has a new album entitled Beautiful Woman. Steele is originally from Homer, New York, and has been writing music since she was 14. A graduate of Syracuse University’s Biology program, Bethel has now chosen to bring her gift and insight for music to the masses. She has been performing sporadically as an acoustic singer-songwriter for the last 3 years, since she was 18, but not until recently has she began to perform regularly across New York State. The ever-consummate artist, Bethel also enjoys exploring her artistry through painting and photography, which can be seen as the art accompanying her recent album, Beautiful Woman. The self-released album explores the many nooks of love, from finding it to losing it. Performing at various venues, Bethel has been showcased as a solo artist, as an opening act for various bands local to the Syracuse music scene and for some nationally touring solo artists. Bethel’s album will be available on CDbaby.com and iTunes in the next couple of weeks and is currently performing around the Hudson Valley and central New York.

David Brown lives in Manhattan and says the city is inspiring by nature and that moving there brought his music to realization. He has released three independent CD’s Splendid Wings (1996), Storm in a Teacup (1999), and now David Brown: Live Shows (2006).

David gets excited about his new work, but always loves performing his older songs that are explicitly out about his identity as a gay man.

“Dan Brown: Soul in a teacup… The coffeehouse circuit isn’t what it used to be. It’s become a playground for aspiring major-label acts. Developing acts seeking a forum need to do more than simply sit and strum; they need to find ground between pop commercialism and the confessional poetry they often opt to weave. David Brown has clearly learned this lesson.”
–Larry Flick, Billboard Magazine

“However you do it, get your hands on “Splendid Wings” as soon as possible. It will be one of the most stunning musical journeys you’ll ever take.” (****)
–Jeff Rosen, Gay Chicago Magazine

“While it’s rare that an album makes the jump from the “review pile” to the personal collection, this one has.”
—B. Cormier & G. Reitz, The Musician’s Trade Journal

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