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Farewell party for the Rosendale School of Arts

November 27, 2016
2:00 PM


Join us for wine and sweet dainties to celebrate four years of the Rosendale School of Arts, from 2:00pm to 4:00pm.

From the School:

“We are so grateful for the last four years of this magnificent adventure, the Rosendale School of Arts. We have met the most inspiring, friendly, interesting and fun group of folks on the entire planet! The many art openings provided a great opportunity to make contacts and just have a good ole time, looking at the creative endeavors of staff and students alike. Our gatherings and field trips helped to build a thriving arts community right in our neighborhood. Such wonderful memories…

However, the Rosendale School of Arts is closing down after this semester. We are extremely happy with all we have accomplished and hope to do more in the future, but not with the continuation of classes. Therefore we would like to invite you to one final event to celebrate this very special school and all its participants.

Please drop by and lift a glass, nibble a little cake and share some stories as we laugh and plan our next endeavor.”

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