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Eilen Jewell Band

November 07, 2008
8:00 PM


Eilen’s keenly visual way of articulating deep emotion is palpable on her new album. She always wants you to know how her songs feel, whether she’s drowning her sorrows on “Heartache Boulevard,” or yearning for the “High Shelf Booze” of the good life that always seems like it’s right around the next hard corner.

Perhaps the most remarkable song on the album, “How Long,” is her gripping song-setting of a Martin Luther King speech from 1965. Within her world-weary, street-beaten melody, the lyrics veer ominously between certain despair and uncertain hope.

Jewell’s band… drummer Jason Beek, Jerry Miller on electric and steel guitar, and Johnny Sciascia covering the low end on upright bass… accompany her on tour and in the studio. Together they’re always seconding, but never detracting from, Eilen’s hushed vocals.

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