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Deni Bonet & Curtis Eller Special Double Bill

February 14, 2009
8:00 PM


A special double bill, featuring two of NYC’s premier singer/songwriters.

Deni Bonet, a Lilith Fair performing artist, is a singer/songwriter and classically-trained violinist who quit the classical world early in her career because she hated having to wear black and sit still! Deni has either recorded or performed with REM, Sarah McLachlan, Chris Whitley, Cyndi Lauper, Daniel Lanois, Gravity Kills and Robyn Hitchcock amongst many others.

She was an original member of the cast of the nationally syndicated radio show, Mountain Stage, singing and performing in her own right and accompanying guests on the show… anyone from Richard Thompson to the Indigo Girls to Warren Zevon to Allen Toussaint.

Deni’s music has been described in the press as like “Sheryl Crow meets the B52s” and like “Debbie Harry fronting the Dave Matthew’s Band,” although any such comparison is flawed; she is one of the most unique and arresting performers on the live scene today. Her song “Bigger Is Always Better” received massive airplay on WDST.

Curtis Eller is New York City’s angriest yodeling banjo player! He sings about pigeon racing, Amelia Earhart, performing elephants, and Jesus, all of which he has seen with his own eyes. He started his show-business career at the age of seven as a juggler and acrobat in the Hiller Olde Tyme Circus in Detroit, but has since turned to the banjo because “that’s where the money is.” His biggest musical influences are Elvis Presley, Buster Keaton and Abraham Lincoln.

Mr. Eller and his band The American Circus stubbornly perform and record in New York City. They have appeared at funerals, horse races, burlesque revues and punk rock dumps. Haunted by the ghosts of silent film and wearing a dead man’s clothes, Mr. Eller and the band have staggered their way into the hearts of audiences from London and Amsterdam to Los Angeles and Montreal.

“Curtis Eller, gives a master class in how to command the attention of a room, dressed like a Mississippi steamboat cardsharp and armed with nothing more than a wireless, electrified banjo and pipe-cleaner limbs. Go and see Curtis Eller. One day you’ll be able to say you saw him in a tiny venue before he was huge.” –Venue Magazine
Deni Bonet

Curtis Eller

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