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Dancing with Michael and Jacinta, with DJ Michael

November 18, 2011
9:00 PM


Let’s dance with Michael Wilcock and Jacinta Bunnell. These darling members of our community lost half of their possessions in the flood. Trooper that he is, Mike still came out and DJed to help Jen, F-Stop, and Alex’s valiant Rosendale election campaign recently.

We can help Michael and Jacinta replace some of the things they lost to Irene. This is the community and the town that can do it. Let’s get involved; it’s gonna be fun!

DJ Michael Wilcock is a DJ of Dave Leonard’s JTD Productions, and will be spinning a mix of funk, soul, top 40 and classics to get all the different bodies grooving. Also a musician and musicologist, Michael steers his DJ sets through a dancing journey with plenty of soul and fun surprises!

“Michael is an intuitive. You’re constantly nodding your head because the next one and the one after that is the one you wanted to hear. If you are a lover of that funk, soul, and classic sound, Michael’s your boy… historic spinning, total groove.” –Cafe Guide

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