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Cricket Tell the Weather

August 22, 2015
8:00 PM


Cricket Tell the Weather is a Brooklyn based string band with its roots deep in the bluegrass tradition, and its branches stretching wherever the sun shines. Winners of the 2013 FreshGrass Award, Cricket combines indie folk songwriting and traditional bluegrass instruments. As a listener, you can expect Cricket’s core to beat with the heart of a restless spirit, determined to play it out and move along. Whether you want to call it a folk roots string band, or an indie bluegrass quartet; it’s going to be personal in a way that stretches against categories, and familiar in a way that honors those who have come before… most certainly, it will take you on a trip.

Award-winning songwriter Andrea Asprelli (fiddle) came to the east coast from Colorado’s front range, and was shaped by local bluegrass communities scattered across Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York; before co-founding Cricket Tell the Weather and setting up shop in Brooklyn, NY. Winner of the 2011 Podunk Songwriting Competition, Andrea is joined by Doug Goldstein on banjo, Jeff Picker on guitar, Sam Weber on bass, and Dave Goldenberg on mandolin. The band has twice been awarded the Neighborhood Arts & Heritage Grant from the City of Bridgeport, and is actively involved in providing bluegrass workshops to students of all ages under their “American Roots Revival” workshop series. In 2014, Cricket released its independent eponymous debut album of original music, recorded at Signature Sounds studio in Pomfret Center, CT.
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