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Cindy Hoose and Jacinta Bunnell art opening

August 03, 2008
2:00 PM


Two artists together at last at the Rosendale Cafe, holding an opening reception from 2:00pm to 5:00pm for their August-long show “Paintings Side by Side: Kinda the Same”

When very small, Cindy began her courageous exploration of working with unconventional materials. One of her first avant garde art projects involved disassembling her teddy bear, only to restructure it with a shrunken apple for a head.

While a wee child, Jacinta ingeniously designed her own line of decorative unicorn stationery to trade with friends. Her grade school artistic crescendo came in the form of a full-body Velveeta cheese costume that she crafted by hand for the school play.

This show is an artistic duet. Jacinta and Cindy have collaborated closely on these new pieces, sharing themes, color schemes, content and materials. The result is a delicious series of paintings that, while showcasing the unique styles and talents of each artist, also conveys the great continuity of the two joining hands and minds.

This show is a first for both artists, working in close collaboration with each other on a body of all new work. While each of their work was done separately in their own studios, close planning and communication has led to an engaging mirroring of styles and ideas.

When Cindy and Jacinta come together, their super hero powers are activated. They can transform everyday materials into anything tangentially related to mythological creatures and baby animals, made up of found fabric scraps, lime green paint, and vintage buttons. Jacinta and Cindy have been working for months on this show to bring you a side-by-side treat. Each pair of paintings is like a carnival side show at Noah’s ark. Let the mystery unfold…
Jacinta Bunnell

Cindy Hoose

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