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Chris Smither

May 30, 2014
8:00 PM


Some artists continually reinvent themselves; others identify their muse early on and spend their careers single-mindedly pursuing it, remaining recognizably themselves through a career-long process of refinement, growth and discovery. Chris Smither belongs to the latter group.

From his early days as the hot New Orleans transplant in the Boston folk scene, through his wilderness years, to his reemergence in the 1990s as one of America’s most distinctive acoustic performers, Chris Smither has always been his own man. He has zigged when others have zagged, eschewing sophisticated studio tricks and staying true to his musical vision, surrounding himself with sympathetic musicians; ranging from Bonnie Raitt and the late Stephen Bruton to the next-generation kindred spirits with whom he works today.

“Smither delivers one of the most riveting shows you’re ever likely to see. On Live As I’ll Ever Be, Smither’s growling vocals, badass finger-picking and uniformly brilliant songs are here in spades.” -Rolling Stone

“Smither’s songs are deep, often dark, and absolutely wonderful.” -Associated Press

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