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C.B. Smith & The Lucky Devils

March 23, 2012
8:00 PM


Modern bluegrass band C.B. Smith & the Lucky Devils will bring their unique sound to the Rosendale Cafe. The quartet plays a mix of half originals and half covers, from an eclectic mix of songwriters including Richard Thompson, The Rolling Stones, Stephen Foster and Bill Monroe (they tore the house up at Caffe Lena’s recent Monroe Centennial concert).

The other half of the band’s repertoire consists of original songs from their recent release Flesh & Bone and their forthcoming album Hardscrabble Road.

C.B. says his songs are about “ordinary people searching for some hard-won peace of mind. For my money no other style of music so powerfully talks about life’s joys and sorrows as bluegrass. Especially the sorrows. Maybe that’s why it’s bluegrass. This music reaches a deep place that may need healing. But, strangely enough, it’s great fun to play, great fun to listen to. We get people dancing, if only in their seats.”

The multi-generational Lucky Devils lineup features fiddle phenom Megan Gugliotta, mandolin prodigy Jason Borisoff, Berklee-trained bassist Bill Strohm, and C.B. Smith on guitar and lead vocals. Everybody sings, with four-part harmonies to make you swoon.

“Awesome work! C.B.’s songs ring true. There’s no higher compliment as far as I am concerned.” –Mary Gauthier

“A gem… from the introspective title track… to the dark and delicious North Country Blues, Smith hits home and hits hard.” –David Malachowski, Daily Freeman, Kingston, NY

“Flesh & Bone is authentic, alright, so much so that you can hear the picks and fingertips on the metal of guitar strings…it’s like you’re right there in the room, feeling the electricity flash… Something ‘Bout a Train does in three minutes what most films can’t accomplish in two hours, in evoking the romance of rail travel.” –Roll Magazine, February 2011

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